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    A Guide to the House System

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    A Guide to the House System Empty A Guide to the House System

    Post by David, the Owner Mon Dec 25, 2017 10:23 pm

    Obtaining the House
    Within Reality: Origins, you are able to purchases houses in a simple and easy manner. In order to purchase the house, you will need £125,000 in-game (this may vary depending on what the host sets the prices at) and once this is obtained, head to any house and when you attempt to enter it, if unowned, you will be prompted to purchase the house.
    You are then granted a key which you can make copies of from your inventory. If you lose your key, a member of staff is able to replace it.

    The key you will be given will also notify you as to which number house you live in, for example if your key says 'House 1' you will look for a house sign that reads 'House 1' and so forth. 
    If you are carrying a key the house will automatically let you in but if someone else who doesn't have the key, tries to enter they will be told that the door is locked and they won't be allowed to enter. If you would like to allow others to enter you must go outside, go into Commands and find 'Toggle Door Locks' and set the door to unlocked; this allows people to enter. Once you no longer want people to enter do the same but this time set the door to locked.

    Bills will need to be paid from time to time, and you will be notified in the form of an alert when attempting to enter the house if bills are due. If they are not paid, you will be restricted from accessing the home until they are paid off.

    Furnishing the House
    When you have purchased a house, you will be able to purchase furniture from the 'Furniture Seller' located at the Supermarket or at the Mall. You can purchase any furniture from them, and will be allowed to select the colours for the items you are buying. With these items purchased, you merely go and drop them where you want them to be situated and you are done.

    Happy furnishing and if you have any further queries, contact a member of staff.

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