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    A Guide to RP

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    A Guide to RP Empty A Guide to RP

    Post by David, the Owner Mon Dec 25, 2017 10:21 pm

    RPing is changing ones behaviour in order to assume a role, in this case a brand new character; given attributes by you. You can only use information that is given to you ICly, this means while you're in character and information granted to you by another player on OOC is to be ignored entirely.

    OOC is otherwise known as being 'Out of Character', when speaking out of character players are encouraged to use parentheses or brackets to allow others to understand that; E.g.
    (Hello, do you know where the bank is)
    IC on the other hand is the opposite as it means In Character, this means you have forgotten about your real identity and have assumed a new role, sort of like acting.

    An essential part of RPing is emoting, emotes are used to express what your character is feeling but also to articulate their actions to those around them. Emoting can be used to initiate attacks, if this is the case a counter is needed and a certain amount of lines are needed.

    When RPing you are encouraged to use correct grammar and spelling as it makes it easier to read, good sentence structure is also needed in order to get an RP status higher than 2. RP Status' allow the staff members to know how you are at RPing and the higher your RP status the more opportunities the game has for you. Below are some examples of the RP status associated with the amount of effort:

    RP Level 1:
    Benjamin was bare walking down the street cause he needed a relaxed time.
    Benjamin made his way down the street for some fresh air.

    RP Level 2:
    Benjamin made his way down the extended street, the dust kicked up onto his feet as he breathed the fresh air.

    RP Level 3:
    Benjamin strolled carefully down the extended but dusty street, the dust engulfed his feet; causing an intense feeling to tingle his senses as he willingly inhaled the fresh air.

    RP Level 4:
    Benjamin ambled his path down a granular path, briefly allowing the dust to indulge his skin; relieving him of any unwanted stress. He would begin to respire the fresh air, allowing it's calming essence to pursue his lungs.

    How do I attack?
    An attack emote is the same, you have to detail what your actions are in an emote and then click the counter- this will then prompt you as to when you are allowed to attack passively (slap etc), leave an RP and attack with something that can inflict damage (shooting, stabbing etc)

    Attack emote:
    Benjamin pulled out a gun, cocking it he would fire

    They would then use a counter, the shot can be fired after a set amount of time, listed by the counter, if a defence emote is not used during the counter; below is an example:

    Defence emote:
    Benjamin saw the bullet and quickly moved

    You may not use a counter-defence that causes damage, for example throwing someone away is valid but you can not defend yourself by shooting someone or causing damage.

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