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    New Careers


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    New Careers

    Post by MissMonet on Fri Jan 05, 2018 12:10 am


    I feel as though the game has a lot of great career options currently, but I do feel as though we need some more jobs and three locations spring to mind: the Supermarket, the Moonrise Pub and Equinox Pub.

    Supermarket Ideas:

    • Stage One: Aisle Cleaner (The floors could get dirty, just like tables due in the restaurant)
    • Stage Two: Till Worker (Doing addition and subtraction on the tills)
    • Stage Three: ???

    Moonrise Pub:

    • Stage One: Cleaner (Clean the tables?)
    • Stage Two: ???
    • Stage Three: Bartending (A blender in the back, and once clicked a player has to make the drink they've been asked for. Each drink has three ingredients, but all ingredients are displayed and the player has to choose the right ones. Each drink made the player gets money and experience)

    Equinox Club:

    • Stage One: ??
    • Stage Two: Bartending (the same as ^)
    • Stage Three: Floor Manager (Talking to NPCs that are in the club, and perhaps answering their questions and stuff? Compensate them etc)

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    Stage 2 and 3

    Post by Davi~ on Fri Jan 05, 2018 12:11 am

    Stage 2 can be assistant manager, while stage 3 could be manager or owner. Something along those lines would seem fitting. For the Equinox club I mean XD. Stage 2 can have to interact with complaining NPCs and giving them compensation. Not sure about stage 3.

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    Re: New Careers

    Post by YangYang on Fri Jan 05, 2018 12:24 am

    For the pub I think the highest should be bartender. It's a pub, and it's usually a place people go to drink to have a good time or sulk. And I like this job cause it'll create great role-playing opportunities. For the club maybe DJ, and the person can change the song or beat at times. There is two ways this could go David can set songs, and beats for them to choose from, or let there be a way they can play their personal music and beats. I personally don't like the supermarket job idea. It's not bad for some reason it's not clicking with me. Great job take this star Like a Star @ heaven

    lol! - YangYang

    Oh and for the DJ one NPCs can come to him asking to change the song or whatever and when he does he gets paid

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    Re: New Careers

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